All We Need Is Love


All We Need Is Love:
Survey Shows We’re Hopeless Romantics At Heart
 The Daily Telegraph conducted a survey on over 2,000 people which showed that the majority of us are still romantics at heart. From public displays of affection to daily kisses, we are all apparently up for a snuggle. That loving feeling is spreading in the news, read on for more…
Got That Lovin’ Feeling
The Daily Telegraph’s survey questioned 2,113 people, with 56% male and 44% female, and the results suggest we are a nation of lovers, not fighters, with many of us enjoying long-term relationships and frequent bucharest escorts . Forty three percent of those questioned say they have been in a relationship for over

and with the next highest number being 19% for those in relationships for less than a year, it appears we are either going strong or starting out. Moreover,  One in four have intimate fun at least once a week, and 24% get up close and personal three times a week. One in ten of those surveyed even admitted to getting busy once a day!


However, there are a small percentage of people (12%) who say they have forgotten what fun is and 8% say they save themselves only for independent escorts bucharest, which equates to around ten times a year. Evidence states that just under a quarter of us think about someone else in the bedroom with over 50% of those thoughts being about a work colleague! As far as public displays of affection, 56% of people said they’d had a kiss that day whereas a sad 8% said they never kiss. It seems as though the majority of us enjoy a lot of good lovin’ with someone we’ve either just got with or have been with for a long time, showing that new relationships often become lasting ones.


It seems that, contrary to popular belief, we just want to enjoy life and love… and all the things that come with it!


It looks as though we are happy to join hands and spread the love, whether it’s in our personal lives or through helping others. If you’ve got that lovin’ feeling and want to get out and enjoy beautiful moments, why not ask one of our masseur lovely ladies to escort you? See the  ladies page  for more information.

BBB…What? A Quick Guide to the Jargonic World of Escorts

Have you ever melted into a room, clutching a drink warmed by ten minutes of tight grasping and puzzlement, treading acronyms and confusing terms, trying not to drown in a foreign language though you understand the words themselves? Us too. It’s a common situation, as every industry is littered with jargon almost nobody – besides those in the know – understands, much less reels off on command. Escorts have their own tongue, a seductive tangle of letter arrangement and mysterious words to rifle through; make your appointment enjoyable by communicating your needs and desires in a quick form your escort will understand. It may also help you identify which escort is right for your needs, desires and hidden fantasies!

In alphabetical order, we have trawled the internet, interviewed the escorts of Bucharest and collected a host of terms you NEED to know before you hit the sheets:

BBBJ: What could all of those B’s possibly stand for? Big Breasted Buxom Beauty? Sorry, Marilyn Monroe fans, BBBJ refers to the bareback blowjob. You know, oral WITHOUT Durex getting in the way.

BS: What a load of…not that BS. Clean your mouth out before you spill a curse you can’t take back. Remember, never swear in front of a lady, unless she asks you to, of course. BS stands for body slide, a massage technique utilised by highly skilled, very sexy escorts, sliding over your slippery, oiled body.

CBJ: A sedate and most cousin of BBBJ, CBJ has a love affair with most condom companies; the shortened form of Covered Blowjob, you’ll spy CBJ popping up on a variety of profiles.

CMD: There’s nothing quite like a beautiful blonde, a ripe red head or a brilliant brunette (depending on your tastes); in the age of bottle dyes and beauty salons, it can be disappointing if above and below are mismatched. Never fear, if an escort has kept a natural head of hair, the carpet will match the drapes or CMD.

DATY: Have you heard of the Y? Are you sure? It’s a fresh platter of sensations, sure to make your head spin. Okay, we’ll give you a hint, the Y is below the equatorial naval and starts with C? Still no clue? Why, cunnilingus of course!

DDE: DDE isn’t a new cup size imported by surgery enthusiasts. Doesn’t Do Extras refers to a straight up service for the straight up patron. No ifs, no buts, no bribes, just sweet, sweet satisfaction.

DFK: Are you a fan of the tongue tango? How about an intimate caress and a well-timed exhalation as your mouth moves in for the kill? DFK is for those who like kissing, deep French kissing to be exact, with the face stroking and sighs that accompany it.

FL: When it comes to picking an escort to share your precious time, there are two lanes to choose from. Down lane one resides the sole traders of the escort universe, freelancers in charge of their own activities, cash flow and appointments.

GFE: Have you ever wanted a girlfriend, but only occasionally and when it suits you? Look no further than a GFE (Girlfriend Experience); you will feel special, warmed and treated like the sexiest man or woman on earth. More intense is the HME or Honeymoon Experience, but why don’t you try the GFE first, tiger?

LTR: Expanding on the question posed directly above regarding sometimes girlfriends (or boyfriends), an LTR is a Long Term Relationship. No, you’re not going to move in together, join your bank accounts and slowly yet surely plod toward a marriage proposal. An escort LTR occurs when the escort accepts exclusivity from a client, reliant of payments, affordability and the escorts discretion. Keep in mind, much like your Friday night hook-up, if an escort tires of your pea-cocking or preening, they will “break up” with you, much like the real world. Respect, it should be central to every appointment.

Have we missed something? Do you have a few acronyms of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below.

Women’s Hot Sexual Fantasies

Women’s Hot Sexual Fantasies

If there are hot-blooded males then there are hot-blooded females too. Although women are a bit shy about freely speaking out their sexual preferences and fantasies we are pretty sure most women, under the right circumstances, will admit that they do fantasize a lot, and their intimate fantasies can be as wild and daring as their male counterparts!

We humans have two distinct basic instincts, one is for food which we need for nourishment and strength to survive in this harsh world and the other is SEX, the most potent and vital instinct that ensures the survival of our race. In this male dominated world men are more vocal and transparent about their sexual preferences and desires while women tend to hold back and keep their fantasies and sexual cravings to themselves. We interviewed our beautiful Bucharest Escorts about women’s top sexual fantasies so all of us may have an idea of what women really hunger for in sex and what they want to experience at least once or twice in their sex lives.

These are some of their hot sexual fantasies and the things women wish you knew:

Girl on Girl Action

Let’s face it; women are also sometimes attracted to their own kind. They also tend to check out other girls “assets” and fantasize about being the one playing with those sexy young things. She imagines kissing her and running her fingers through her soft skin, rubbing her tits against her equally luscious boobs, sucking her nipples, licking her pussy and making her scream for more. Lesbian or girl on girl action is one of women’s top fantasies.

Hot Threesome

Some women fantasize a lot about threesomes be it with couples, two men or two other girls. The thought of playing with two sexually aroused bodies and all the intense licking, sucking and fucking actually turn some women on to the max. They fantasize about playing with two instead of just one, imagining all the good things that could happen in a sexually driven awesome hot threesome.

Swingers Club

This fantasy is about joining a wildly insane sex fest. Some women are turned on by the thought of attending an orgy where everyone in the party gets to fuck everyone else. Swinging from one dick to another and passing by some pussies in between is an ultimate fantasy for some super horny ladies.

Male Dominance

Imagine 50 shades of Grey. There are lots of women out there who love being dominated in the bedroom. The thought of experiencing intense pleasure through pain is a big turn especially if their partners are really hot men who know how to bring them on a roller coaster ride of pure sexual adventure.


This is the exact opposite of the male dominance fantasy mentioned earlier. Some women like being in charge, barking orders and punishing bad boys. The thought of being the one dominating the opposite sex is a huge turn on some women can’t resist.

Call us now and get to know more and experience some of these women’s hot sexual fantasies with our best escorts in Bucharest!


3 Sex Positions to try for Mind-Blowing Sex

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Sex is like pizza. Even if it’s done badly, it’s still good.’ When strangling the monkey gets old you want the real thing. No lady on hand…it’s obvious – book an escort. But if you’re going to pay the big bucks, who wants standard missionary? You do that with the missus or chicks you pick up at the pub for free. Let’s get a bit creative. Even the old favourites can be spiced up.

The Bad Girl Butterfly

The woman lies on her back, with her hips positioned on the edge of the bed. The man enters her while kneeling or standing. As the woman raises her hips slide a pillow underneath for extra comfort and height. Positioning the lady’s legs over his shoulders, the man experiences an increased sense of depth while providing an adjustable angle and penetration for both lovers. Nothing better than watching titties bouncing with each power stroke. Her hands are free to pleasure her clit or stroke your balls. Or she can support herself on her elbows or hands to allow passionate kissing or sucking of nipples both ways. The end result? Total control of timing and speed of ejaculation.3 Sex Positions to try for Mindblowing sex

Doggy Style

There’s a reason why this is on top of most men’s position of choice list. Nothing feels better than being the boss. There’s no view hotter than a rounded ass and dripping puss up in the air waiting for your magical wand to plunge inside her. Animalistic – you can go old school, grunting like Tony Soprano and doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Or you can make a few subtle variations; change your angle of entry, add some gentle (or not so gentle) spanking, hair pulling, neck kissing, clit rubbing, boob groping, anal play, toys or push her flat on the bed and close her legs for tightness. Too much like hard work? Stay perfectly still and encourage her to grind away. Get her to play with your balls at the same time. Where’s the mirror?

Reverse Cowgirl

Had a hard day at work? Want your balls drained but not much energy tonight? It’s her turn to put some effort in. You get to lie back and take in the show. It’s girl on top but she’s facing your feet giving you a ‘box seat’ where you can watch glistening lips grip your cock and suck it back inside her. Chocolate coloured star fish winking at you the whole time. She can tickle her clit and your balls at the same time. Or get her up on her feet so she can use gravity to really pound away. Don’t expect to last too long in this position guys. Many females are too shy to try this one. Escorts and Babes girls aren’t. They’re ‘open’ to any position physically possible. Book a professional and try something new to make it even more memorable. If you’re after some practice hit up a Brisbane Escort, Sydney Escort or pick one in your area today!

Bucharest Escorts

These days, it has become very convenient to find the escort services in Bucharest. These services are actually dedicated to give the optimum entertainment and pleasure to their customers. Whenever you think about Bucharest, images of high rise hotels and tall structures come in your mind. However, this sparkling place is the good location for escort enthusiasts also. Bucharest is very famous tourist place. It is not just the great historic city, however you can as well find many fascinating scenic sights & great beaches. The escort services of Bucharest Escorts are major point of the tourist attraction. You may find 100% of client satisfaction with services given by the Escort Bucharest .

Because of the ladies, this should not end up being absolutely no trouble by any means since the town becoming a brand and has a great tradition in prostitution. Nevertheless understand that lots of underage ladies are performing this kind of occupation just, therefore, you know. After you get inside the town, get the Braila model of Anuntul,known as Anuntul de Braila,also have the Romanian perform the chatting for you.

Any word of warning

Those Bucharest escorts girls are extremely passionate whenever she’s into it. So be careful, the missionary position-she may leave scratch marks all around your back that can be tough that you should clarify in order to that someone inside your lifestyle.Costs usually range via three hundred RON (seventy euro) for the hour (generally 2 shots’) with the regular prostitute, possibly late twenties-early 30′s, as much as five hundred RON (one hundred twenty euro) to have an hour with a youthful, fitter 8/10additionally. Romania Escorts

The majority of decent-looking 20-25 year old cost round the four houndred RON (one hundred euro) tag.If you visit a later night time, face-controlled, substantial end as well as pricey pub or club within Bucharest, you are going to find impressive looking ladies.  All dressed up, with crazy hanging out on their minds, also searching for likewise well-appointed, hefty drinking as well as generous guys with the correct “look” as well as “game” to offer the meals, drinks along with the company to have the work done. When you can suit within and keep up, is your choice.

Suppose you want to incorporate pleasure all along with the business activities then you can find high class of escort services in the specific area. With an advent of internet, it has now become very simple to place reservation online to avail these Bucharest services. It also allows you spend the leisure time with these beautiful girls. Without doubt, their notorious and charm activities can catch your eyes! You cannot think about anything in company of the beautiful lady. Bucharest is one of the best place that gives the unparallel escorts services. There is amazing login and boarding in this place and people having any kind of budget can find something there. There are lots of tourist’s come here and having a good time. Sex tourism is on growth here and people love this place.

Pozitii sexuale pentru femeile de peste 45 de ani


Pozitii sexuale pentru femeile de peste 45 de ani

Varsta si sexul merg de multe ori mana in mana si odata cu trecerea anilor este indicat sa se petreaca schimbari si in comportamentul sexual pentru a avea o viata implinita. Astfel, pentru femeile care au peste 45 de ani, exista o serie de pozitii sexuale care sunt atat comode si care aproape garanteaza satisfactia, daca sunt executate cum trebuie.

Aceste pozitii sexuale, practicate dupa indicatii, asigura in primul rand confortul si in al doilea rand scot la iveala ce este mai bun in timpul actului sexual. De ce sa ne ascundem dupa decet? Odata cu inaintarea in varsta, fiecare femeie isi pierde din flexibilitate si are o anumita experienta care-i dicteaza ce anume este necesar pentru a ajunge pe culmile placerii. Mai ales ca in mod sigur isi cunoaste corpul cat se poate de bine.

Asadar, iata unele dintre cele mai indicate pozitii sexuale pentru femeile trecute de 45 de ani:

Pozitia Lingura

Aceasta pozitie este una dintre cele mai comode. Asigura penetrarea dorita de femeie si datorita faptului ca ambii parteneri stau intinisi pe o parte, efortul depus este minim iar placerea obtinuta este maxima. Totodata, aceasta pozitie ofera posibilitatea ca atat femeia cat si barbatul sa se joace cu clitorisul, ceea ce va spori placerea.

Pozitia fata in fata

Aceasta pozitie presupune ca ambii parteneri sa fie intinsi pe o parte, iar femeia sa isi desfaca picioarele si sa il sprijine pe cel ridicat pe coapsele barbatului. Aceasta pozitie protejeaza spatele ambilor parteneri si totodata asigura penetrarea necesara, fiind nevoie doar de miscari usoare pentru o penetrare adanca.

Pe scaun

Una dintre cele mai indicate pozitii sexuale pentru femeile de peste 45 de ani este scaunul. Aceasta pozitie presupune ca barbatul sa stea pe un scaun cu spatar iar femeia calare peste el. Astfel, amandoi isi pot sprijini corpurile in picioare, femeia fiind cea care detine controlul miscarilor. Totodata, aceasta pozitie permite barbatului sa stimuleze oral sanii femeii si totodata sa ii apuce fundul, dirijand-o in timpul contactului sexual.

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Secretele „ruşinoase” ale femeilor

Definire :

Este atunci cand o persoana isi foloseste buzele si limba pentru a atinge vulva, labiile, clitorisul si interiorul vaginului. Mai este cunoscut si sub denumirea de cunilingus. Ca si in cazul sexului oral la barbati, cunilingusul poate deasemenea include si folosirea limbii in jurul anusului si in zona dintre vulva si anus, numita perineu. Desi aproape toate partile anatomice ale femeii sunt sensibile la atingerile cu limba sau cu buzele, clitorisul este insa cea mai sensibila zona. Trebuie stiut si ca unele femei considera clitorisul ca fiind prea sensibil pentru a i se acorda toata aceasta atentie. O persoana care are oarece experienta, va incerca sa-si adapteze miscarile la nevoile si preferintele partenerului, folosind totodata si o diversitate de tehnici.

Este nevoie de mai multa maturitate si responsabilitate decat in cazul celorlalte comportamente sexuale pe care le-am discutat pana acum. Sexul oral este sex si nu altceva. In acest caz nu va exista riscul unei sarcini si se poate dovedi chiar mai sigur decat sexul vaginal. In plus, a mai existat in trecut si o stigmatizare a acelora care practicau sexul oral la femei datorita faptului ca era considerat ca un act nebarbatesc. Dar, daca stam si ne gandim ceva mai bine vom vedea ca nu este vorba de nimic nemasculin si orice barbat care aspira sa fie considerat un bun “lover” trebuie sa stie o varietate de metode pentru a putea aduce placere partenerei.

Exista doua lucruri legate de sexul oral la femei care pot fi periculoase. In primul rand, datorita faptului ca gura vine in contact direct cu labiile si cu canalul vaginal, o boala venerica se poate transmite extrem de usor catre partener. Un alt risc poate aparea datorita contactului cu materiile fecale in cazul in care se practica sexul oral in zona anala. Dupa cum am mai spus, acest risc poate fi inlaturat daca zona respectiva este spalata mai inainte cu un sapun antibacterian.

A, era sa uitam un alt aspect “negativ”; conform parerii anumitor baieti, prietenele lor au decis ca sexul oral este mai placut decat raportul sexual complet…ceea ce noi nu consideram a fi chiar asa de rau.

Consecinte pozitive :

Sexul oral poate fi o alternativa mai mult decat acceptabila pentru raportul sexual complet, atunci cand sunt luate toate masurile de prevedere. Principalul beneficiu ar fi acela ca asigura placere altei persoane. Multe persoane considera ca acest comportament sexual vine sa faca viata sexuala mai incitanta, ca fara el o relatie ar fi mai saraca. Daca atunci cand o faci pentru prima data te poti simti intimidat, daca vrei cu adevarat sa iti depasesti teama sau ingrijorarea de a nu fi penibil, atunci poti incerca sa fii mai inventiv si poti sa torni din siropul tau favorit pe vulva, continuand dupa aceea sa-ti folosesti limba pentru a savura aroma ambelor. Chiar si atunci cand este practicat pentru prima data este indicat sa se foloseasca o foita foarte fina de latex. Aceasta foita fina de latex va preveni ca vreo boala venerica sa se transmita la parteneri. Cum aceasta pelicula nu este intotdeauna usor de gasit, se mai poate apela si la o solutie alternativa cum ar fi taierea unui prezervativ din latex sau a unui din plastic, insa trebuie sa nu fie cu spermicide pentru a nu avea un gust neplacut.

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Cât de puternică e dorința sexuală la femei

Cât de puternică e dorința sexuală la femei

Un jurnalist de la New York Times Magazine, Daniel Bergner, s-a aventurat în lumea științifică a dorinței sexuale femeiești și a publicat cartea What Do Women Want, în care spulberă mitul că pofta trupească e mai scăzută la femei decât la bărbați, scrie The Atlantic. Cartea are la bază un articol din 2009 care detaliază, printre altele, că femeile se excită când văd maimuțe sau bărbați gay făcând sex, fenomen neîntâlnit la bărbații heterosexuali. Faptul că femeile se excită la o asemenea varietate de scene sexuale, susține Bergner, arată cât de libidinoase sunt ele în esență.

Departe de a fi mai modestă și mai cumpătată decât libidoul masculin, dorința sexuală a femeilor este „omnivoră” și foarte animalică, scrie jurnalistul american, care susține că afirmația generală și liniștitoare că erosul feminin este mai predestinat monogamiei decât libidoul bărbaților este falsă. „Femeile sunt considerate aliatele naturale ale acestui standard (n.r. – monogamia), păzitoarele, apărătoarele lui, ființele lor sexuale fiind mai predispuse, biologic, la fidelitate. Strângem cu dinții de acest basm”, scrie Bergner. „Facem asta cu ajutorul psihologiei evoluționiste, o disciplină a cărei teorie sexuală centrală, care compară femeile și bărbații și se bucură de o susținere slabă, pune stăpânire pe conștiința noastră și ne domolește fricile. Și, între timp, companiile farmaceutice sunt în căutarea unui medicament, un medicament pentru femei, menit să vindece monogamia”.

Begner crede că monogamia este un instrument prin care societatea constrânge sexualitatea femeii, o constrângere născută din pudoare pe care jurnalistul american o consideră nedreaptă. El și cercetătorii pe care i-a intervievat spun că sexualitatea unei femei nu este forța rațională, civilizată și echilibrantă de care ne-am obișnuit să auzim. Ea este grosolană, animalică și hămesită, adică tot ce se spune despre sexualitatea masculină. Flexibilitatea femeilor în ceea ce privește sursele de excitație sexuală demonstrează cât de puternică e pofta lor trupească, cred Bergner. Alții spun însă că demonstrează exact contrariul – slăbiciunea ei. Faptul că femeile sunt excitate de mai mulți stimuli decât bărbații, cum spune Bergner, nu înseamnă că sunt mai puțin monogame decât bărbații. În realitate, spune cercetătorul Roy Baumeister, tocmai această flexibilitate a dorinței sexuale femeiești implică faptul că femeile sunt mai dispuse să pună monogamia mai presus de propriul libido. Pofta trupească feminină, spune el, poate fi slabă și „omnivoră” în același timp.

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