Lawnmowing Thoughts

Are you a hairy dude? Don’t answer, I don’t actually want to know, it’s a rhetorical question. Even if you’re not Tom Selleck crossed with the Sasquatch I’m plenty sure you’re a healthy male specimen and as all other specimens you have enough fur on yourself to warrant asking yourself if you should shave or not, and I’m not talking about your beard.

Shaving your bikini area in general is something I wouldn’t recommend, razors can lead to irritation in the softer areas of your body, irritation can lead to infection. Shaving can lead to ingrown hairs, which become impacted and irritate your skin and again, can lead to infection. And the stubble is unbearable both for you and for the provider, stubble scraping against a vulva or a clitoris isn’t a fun experience, or so I’ve been told.

Trimming is always a better option if you ask me, I’ve never had anyone expect me to be completely hair free, just having a well maintained jungle down there is good enough for pretty much any lady in my experience. You don’t risk irritating yourself, the hairs don’t have a chance to become ingrown since you’re not fucking around with your follicles and there’s no issues with stubbles making you and your lady friend itchy.

I would never suggest you trim your bush right before visiting an escort, give it a day or two, recently cut hairs are very abrasive and specially so if you use scissors on them. Plus if you have a small bush left and you haven’t showered up thoroughly the chances of your lady friend catching a loose hair in her mouth is pretty big.

Yes, you are paying the escort to suck you no matter how bushy you are, but believe me, your date will greatly appreciate not having to floss herself with your hair. Your beard is fine though it makes you look like the guy from the Dos Equis ads.


Just as a tip. I sweat a lot. I hate the heat. So i found that shaving the hair under my armpits not only stops me from sweating so much, but common sense. The antiperspirant works 1000% better simply because it get all the way to your skin. Do not press hard, just thin out the hair as much as you can, so not to irritate the skin.


care to elaborate for us guys? I try to manscape as much as I can but cutting too close just creates irritation.

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