Packing for the Sleepover

I once heard a guy say: “Why would I bring condoms to see my provider? That’s like bringing your own cutlery to a restaurant,” and then a bunch of his buddies started nodding in agreement and high-fiving each other. I’m not here to tell you right from wrong and expect you to just blindly take the pill, but in my experience that is the stupidest analogy I’ve ever heard.

There’s nothing wrong or silly about bringing your own protection to see an escort. Your escort doesn’t know how huge your dick is (I assume you’re a big dick hunk like me) and a one size fits all condoms might be ok for the Average Joe, but you might be one who needs a cover that better adjusts to your needs.

Some escorts might not even have good condoms, some buy the un-lubed kind for any oral services offered and then expect you to use them to fuck them. Even if they use their own lube, those kind of condoms are usually pretty shitty when it comes to providing enough friction to your penis for purposes of ejaculation. Maybe it’s just me, but that kind of situation makes having a good cum pretty difficult.

Extra condoms are always good for whenever you’re planning on popping more than once, too. Your escort might have only prepared the one condom, but your erection is up again 5 minutes after throwing the last one in the garbage can, wouldn’t you be happy to have packed your own so you can prove to your escort that you know how to please a lady twice in a row?

The only potential downside is your escort saying no, I’ve known escorts who for health security reasons do not allow you to use your own condom. If your escort seems like the kind to be concerned about it you should always discuss it beforehand, remember, it’s completely normal, she’s not gonna bat an eye if you say “I like using my own condoms, can I bring ’em?” For her it’s the most normal thing, she might even appreciate your concern.

Not as much as you’ll appreciate using your favorite brand of protection for a professional session, of course.


Those damn condoms. They are a quick turn off. I suggest bring your physical exam results and share them with your chic. I know most chics out there will appreciate a nice juicy cum for lunch.


My thoughts are that I am am adult and as an adult I should always be able to take care of myself and not think that I should be dependent on anyone. I also bring my own line and a change of clothes and a towel because you just never know, regardless of how long my call is for.


Discussing with your escort about the special needs for the both of you beforehand is always a good idea, whether you are planning a sleepover or not. Things to consider would be: if either of you have an allergy to latex or the lube that you could be using; do either of you have any medical conditions that might interfere marathon sessions. Also consider the location. Most places are or have non-smoking rooms, but the room definitely has the odor of a cigarette smoking test facility which might aggravate medical problems. Being a change of clothes including soap, wash cloth, towel, antiperspirant, comb, razor, toothbrush, mouthwash, and bag for your dirty laundry. Don’t count on the location having these items. If it is at her home still bring them. It is not her responsibility to supply these items or to provide facilities to clean your clothes. She will appreciate that also.

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