3 Sex Positions to try for Mind-Blowing Sex

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Sex is like pizza. Even if it’s done badly, it’s still good.’ When strangling the monkey gets old you want the real thing. No lady on hand…it’s obvious – book an escort. But if you’re going to pay the big bucks, who wants standard missionary? You do that with the missus or chicks you pick up at the pub for free. Let’s get a bit creative. Even the old favourites can be spiced up.

The Bad Girl Butterfly

The woman lies on her back, with her hips positioned on the edge of the bed. The man enters her while kneeling or standing. As the woman raises her hips slide a pillow underneath for extra comfort and height. Positioning the lady’s legs over his shoulders, the man experiences an increased sense of depth while providing an adjustable angle and penetration for both lovers. Nothing better than watching titties bouncing with each power stroke. Her hands are free to pleasure her clit or stroke your balls. Or she can support herself on her elbows or hands to allow passionate kissing or sucking of nipples both ways. The end result? Total control of timing and speed of ejaculation.3 Sex Positions to try for Mindblowing sex

Doggy Style

There’s a reason why this is on top of most men’s position of choice list. Nothing feels better than being the boss. There’s no view hotter than a rounded ass and dripping puss up in the air waiting for your magical wand to plunge inside her. Animalistic – you can go old school, grunting like Tony Soprano and doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Or you can make a few subtle variations; change your angle of entry, add some gentle (or not so gentle) spanking, hair pulling, neck kissing, clit rubbing, boob groping, anal play, toys or push her flat on the bed and close her legs for tightness. Too much like hard work? Stay perfectly still and encourage her to grind away. Get her to play with your balls at the same time. Where’s the mirror?

Reverse Cowgirl

Had a hard day at work? Want your balls drained but not much energy tonight? It’s her turn to put some effort in. You get to lie back and take in the show. It’s girl on top but she’s facing your feet giving you a ‘box seat’ where you can watch glistening lips grip your cock and suck it back inside her. Chocolate coloured star fish winking at you the whole time. She can tickle her clit and your balls at the same time. Or get her up on her feet so she can use gravity to really pound away. Don’t expect to last too long in this position guys. Many females are too shy to try this one. Escorts and Babes girls aren’t. They’re ‘open’ to any position physically possible. Book a professional and try something new to make it even more memorable. If you’re after some practice hit up a Brisbane Escort, Sydney Escort or pick one in your area today!

Escorte Dorobanti Dame de Companie Zona Dorobanti

Escorte Dorobanti Dame de Companie Zona Dorobanti

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Oras Bucuresti
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Frumoasa, stilata si deschisa la fantezii erocitce. Ofer momente de extaz domnilor, imi place sa pun pasiune in ceea ce fac iar daca esti o persoana manierata si serioasa cu siguranta ne vom simti bine impreuna.


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Escorte Dorobanti Dame de Companie Zona Dorobanti 


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