Escort Call Girl Paris Rates 0033.669.683.825
Rates (in €) Afternoon Evening
1 hour 400€ 450€
1 extra hour
250€ 250€
Rates (in €) Week Week-end
3 hours 850€ 850€
1 evening 1000€ 1000€
1 night 1600€ 1600€

Escorts Services Agreement

Please have the agreed gift prepared discreetly in an open envelope at the beginning of your meeting and start thinking how you will enjoy.I will apreciate to start the conversation by having a drink in your place.

On request: You can get a picture of my face, only by email. If you can, I recommand you to plan the meeting fews hours before. Looking forward to seeing you. You will love "le charme à la française".

Meet You Soon... Sexy kisses, from Adriane